Courses Taught

Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Psychology (Honors)
First-Year Studies
Research Analysis in Psychology
Statistics & Research Design I
Advanced Qualitative Research (Cross-listed with Diversity & Social Justice Studies)
Qualitative Research Design (Graduate Course in Faculty of Education)
Personal Experience
Behavior & Experience
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology (Cross-listed with Sociology)
Cultural Psychology
Ecopsychology (Cross-listed with Environmental Studies)
Societies & Sustainability: Past & Present (Cross-listed with Environmental Studies)
Big Ideas in Arts: Space & Place (Interdisciplinary Faculty of Arts Course)
Media, Sex & Power (Cross-listed with Women’s Studies)
Critical Issues in Contemporary Psychology
Existential-Phenomenological Psychology I
Existential-Phenomenological Psychology II
Directed Studies: Embodiment & Psychology
Directed Studies: Ecological Psychology
Directed Studies: Wilderness Experience (Cross-listed with Environmental Studies)

Directed Reading Groups

Searle & The Philosophy of Mind (2012)
Virtue Ethics (2011)
Sandel’s Justice (2011)
Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason (2010)
Western Marxism (2009)
Marx’s Capital (2009)
Hegel & Early Marx (2008)
Liberalism & Communitarianism (2008)
Cognition & Social Theory (2007)